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Proposed medical marijuana facility hopes to bring 300 jobs to Wilmington

referring to WILMINGTON, OH (WCMH) — The people behind Ohio’s failed ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in 2015 are now planning to propose a medical marijuana growing facility in Wilmington.
The state will accept applications for cultivator provisional licenses sometime after May, once “rules governing medical marijuana cultivators” are adopted, according to the Department of Commerce.
For the Wilmington community, which has seen companies leave and jobs disappear, these jobs could bring relief.
“There’s people out here with PTSD, it helps with PTSD.”Graham, who said he moved to Wilmington from Middletown a month and a half ago, supports medical marijuana.
Jimmy Gould, who’s the chairman and founder of Green Light Acquisitions, said he decided after the failed 2015 initiative that what he really cared about was medical marijuana.


as mentioned in New jobs could come to Wilmington thanks to medical marijuana (WKRC File)WILMINGTON, Ohio (WKRC) – A place to grow marijuana could bring new jobs to a Tri-State city now that it’s legal for medicinal use.
I don’t think attorney general sessions will touch medical marijuana because if he does he’ll probably have a civil war on his hands.”
The group will try to get one of Ohio’s dozen upcoming licenses for large site medical marijuana growth and cultivation facilities.
Over 90 per cent of Ohioans support medical marijuana.”
Gould was one of the people behind Ohio Issue 3, a 2015 amendment which would have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana.

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Advocates upset over medical marijuana switch

The Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee voted Thursday to strip Senate Bill 155 and replaced it with Senate Bill 151.
“This is not the scope of what those who want to see prescriptive authority for medical marijuana want,” said Sen. David Haley (D-Kansas City).
Melissa Ragsdale pleaded for access to a variety of marijuana types on behalf of her son, Gavin.
TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT) – A bill to legalize marijuana for medical use will go to the Kansas Senate for a vote, but supporters are upset that it’s not the bill they advocated for.
Some argued any medical cannabis should come through the pharmaceutical industry.

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