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The US opioid crisis is real and deadly. Trumpcare could make it even worse

Jessica is just one of the estimated 2.1 million Americans currently struggling with opioid addiction, and the epidemic is only getting worse.

Wen had a more grim assessment of the potential risks of a Republican health care plan.
The unintended consequences of reducing access to health careIncreasing access to addiction treatment helps everyone — not just those who abuse drugs.
“There’s no margin of error when it comes to addiction treatment.”
According to most estimates, such a change would likely deal a major blow to the 74 million Americans who currently rely on the program for health care.


Fight opioid crisis with alternative pain therapies

as mentioned in The opioid crisis would probably get worse under TrumpcareRepublicans have finally unveiled their plan to replace Obamacare, but the proposal is already under attack — from other Republicans.
Despite Trump’s glowing endorsement of the plan, there’s no guarantee it will ever reach his desk.
In addition, Saloner said concerns about Medicaid and the opioid crisis could cause some Republican lawmakers to break rank.
“There’s going to be a lot of people who say, ‘Wait a minute, you want to cut Medicaid when we’re using it to address this unprecedented epidemic?
There’s no safety net except for emergency care.”Beyond leaving people uninsured, the experts warned of several other ways the Republican proposal would deepen the opioid crisis.

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