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Paul Ryan admitted he has no idea how health insurance works

As it stated in Paul Ryan admitted he has no idea how health insurance worksLadies and gentlemen, meet the conservative movement’s Great Wonk.
And yes, health insurance redistributes wealth from people who are healthy to people who are sick.
Scott ApplewhiteSpeaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Great and Knowledgeable Policy Wonk and Wise Knower of Many Things About Health Care, has no idea how insurance works.
Fire insurance redistributes wealth from people whose houses did not burn down to people whose houses did burn down.
Flood insurance redistributes wealth from people who are dry to people whose belongings are soaking wet.


as mentioned in Coverage she purchased through a public insurance exchange established by the federal health care law paid $65,000 toward surgery and the care she needed after the 2015 accident.
“We need access to health care because (stuff) happens.”Hospitals worry an ACA repeal could harm their financial health
And with more insurers still considering leaving other markets, customers around the country could be stuck like Kurtz with no affordable coverage options in 2018.
The idea was that such a marketplace would push insurers to offer affordable plans to compete for customers.
Kurtz says she would have gone bankrupt if she had no insurance when she broke her ankle.


as mentioned in The health care packages recommended for the three staff members would come from Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust.
The town had not offered the staff health insurance before, and some officials noted that surrounding towns offer it.
Several people stood to say they have to pay a lot of money for their health insurance, so the Town Office workers should, too.
BENTON — A local version of the national health care debate played out in a big way at Saturday’s Town Meeting as residents argued for more than two hours about whether to raise $75,000 so three Town Office staff members will be covered by health insurance.
… I mean, we don’t get free health insurance.
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