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Some Republicans are happy to subsidize your health insurance if you are old and rich

referring to Real conservatives, they’d argue, believe that there is no legitimate role for the federal government in subsidizing health insurance.
In 2008, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was the GOP’s choice for president on a platform of offering every American a tax credit to purchase health insurance.
The idea of offering tax credits to the uninsured to buy health insurance has been around since long before Obamacare was even a word.
It would involve reforming the tax subsidy for, yes, Cadillac health insurance plans.
Republicans can fix that problem while also reducing the size of government, but only if they’re willing to limit the role of government in subsidizing health insurance for the wealthy.



according to Republicans have for years accused Democrats of budget gimmicks and a lack of transparency in the legislation that they have passed.
Then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) added around that same time: “We didn’t have any open debate for both sides at all on the health care bill, the way it was jammed through.”
So the speed of the legislation is one thing; the actual method of passage is what really irked Republicans.
But that’s also problematic for Republicans today, because they, too, are planning to use the budget reconciliation process.
Republicans ran on the idea of posting bills online for everyone to see and understand.


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