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During an opioid epidemic medical marijuana is a safe, non-addictive option

as declared in Medical marijuana will only be available in the form of pills, oils, topical creams, tincture, and liquid, and must meet FDA regulations.
Recent publications have also suggested that medical marijuana will decrease the misuse of opiates.
Furthermore, medical marijuana offers patients relief from debilitating pain with little risk, particularly when using strains low in THC – the main mind-altering chemical found in marijuana.
Last year, Pennsylvania joined 29 other states that have legalized the cultivation, sale and use of medical marijuana.
If an individual is interested in obtaining medical marijuana from an approved dispensary, he or she will need a certification from a physician stating they suffer from one or more of the approved medical conditions.

During an opioid epidemic, medical marijuana is a safe, non-addictive option: Bruce Nicholson

referring to A Kansas Senate committee approved a bill Thursday that would allow doctors and physicians to prescribe and dispense “non-intoxicating” cannabinoid medicine, medicine that’s derived from marijuana.
The amended bill passed unanimously and moves on to the full Senate.
Sen. Ty Masterson, R-Andover, called the amendment a “more appropriate first step” and said the bill sets apart those who are trying to get a high from those trying to get a medical benefit.
Cannibinoid is a chemical compound found in marijuana plants.
As The Wichita Eagle reports, Senators were initially supposed to vote on SB 155, a cannabis compassion and care act that would legalize the use of cannabis for certain medical conditions, but an amendment stripped that bill for SB 151, which allows medical professionals to prescribe and dispense “non-intoxicating cannabinoid medicine.”

referring to

Titles, statuses of all medical marijuana bills

HB1370 Allows the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission to regulate artwork, building signs, indoor displays and other forms of medical marijuana marketing.
SB238 Delays state’s medical marijuana program until 180 days after the federal government revises federal law to allow medical marijuana nationwide.
HB1058 Strikes language requiring doctors to weigh benefits and risks of medical marijuana when certifying that a patient has a qualifying medical condition.
Makes an exception for qualified patients or their caregiver to mix marijuana into food/drink if that is required to aid in the consumption of medical marijuana.
Medical marijuana buds in large prescription bottle with branded cap on black background (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)Marijuana legislationA recap of the medical marijuana-related bills filed by the state Legislature during the 91st General Assembly.

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