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Provider verification was available in 49,345 cases, which showed that HPV vaccine had not been initiated in 22,642 cases

As it stated in Provider verification was available in 49,345 cases, which showed that HPV vaccine had not been initiated in 22,642 cases and that 26,703 girls had received at least 1 dose of HPV vaccine.
Despite its demonstrated efficacy for preventing infection the rate of HPV vaccine uptake in the United States has lagged behind other Western nations.In 2007, the first full year after HPV vaccine was introduced in the United States, 12% of adolescent girls were vaccinated.
An HPV message targeted to those demographic characteristics is needed, said Beavis.Given the strong association between cervical cancer and HPV infection, universal uptake of the 9-valent HPV vaccine could prevent 90% of all cervical cancer.
In contrast, HPV vaccination rates in Australia, which has a school-based vaccination program, have exceeded 80% since 2007, Beavis noted.Explanations for the low US uptake rate remain incomplete.
Of the unvaccinated group, 12,401 parents indicated no intention to initiate HPV vaccination.In the subgroup not intending to initiate vaccination, the median age of the child was 15.

Parents Continue to See HPV Vaccine as Unnecessary and Worry Over Its Safety

as declared in A post hoc analysis of clinical trial data provided preliminary evidence that a single dose of HPV vaccine might provided adequate protection against HPV infection.
Three or more doses of vaccine afforded no additional protection, as the group had a 5-year cumulative incidence of HPV pathology of 3.9%.
Reducing the number of required doses might improve HPV vaccine coverage rates, but the long-term impact on HPV-associated diseases remains unclear.
“However, no additional protective effect was found with getting a third dose of the HPV vaccine.”
— Women who received a single dose of vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV) had a significantly higher rate of abnormal cervical pathology compared with women who received two doses, according to a study reported here.
More HPV Pathology with Single-Dose Vaccine

as declared in Completing HPV Vaccine Doses Has No Added Protective BenefitShare this content:linkedingoogleEmailPrintTwo HPV vaccinations are more effective in warding off cervical cancer than one, but further vaccination appears to offer no benefit.
Further large prospective studies are warranted to determine the long-term impact of 2 doses of the HPV vaccine vs 3 doses on the incidence and characteristics of cervical cancer.
However, investigators observed no significant difference in outcomes between patients who received 2 doses of the vaccine and those who received 3 doses (P =.17), suggesting that a third dose of the HPV vaccine provides no additional protective benefit with respect to cervical cancer.
Continue Reading BelowOf those, 1975 patients received 1 dose of the vaccine, 2089 received 2 doses, and 7271 received 3 doses; average age was 21.51 ± 2.67 years, 20.94 ± 2.85 years, and 20.33 ± 2.85 years, respectively.
Investigators found that the average time interval to receive subsequent doses was 5.25 ± 4.85 months for patients who had received 2 doses and 8.04 ± 4.07 for patients who had received 3.
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