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Under Trumpcare, If the poor and others can’t afford health insurance

as mentioned in To wit:If people have health insurance, they will use more health services —more visits to doctors’ offices, more tests, procedures and drugs — and health spending will rise.
If the poor and others can’t afford health insurance, they won’t be covered unless someone subsidizes their insurance.
See more videosThe CBO also predicts 7 million Americans would lose insurance provided by their employers, mainly because Trumpcare would effectively eliminate the requirement that large firms provide insurance to workers.
About another 2 million Americans would drop — or lose — insurance from so-called exchanges, either because premiums would be too high or Trumpcare would effectively drop the individual “mandate” that all adults have insurance.
If the subsidies are cut, more people will go without insurance and the demand for health services will slow.

Many Trump voters to pay a lot more for health insurance under Trumpcare

as declared in People in the big Trump states could end up paying thousands more for insurance under their candidate’s preferred health-care plan.
That outcome would be ironic, given the fact that many Trump voters currently enrolled in Obamacare have been critical of what they currently pay for insurance and have expressed hope that Trump would lower their coverage costs.
An analysis by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities shows that the among the 39 states that use the federal Obamacare marketplace HealthCare.gov, the 10 states whose residents would lose the most in financial aid under Trumpcare all gave their electoral votes to Trump.
The top GOP bill to repeal and replace Obamacare would lead to people in states that voted heavily for President Donald Trump getting disproportionately less in the way of financial aid for their insurance plans than they now do under the Affordable Care Act.
Those states also would be likely to contribute more than their fair share to the 24 million additional people projected by the Congressional Budget Office to become uninsured by 2016 under the Republican proposal.

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