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Cuomo Announces Record Low Youth Smoking Rate In New York

referring to Wayne Wilson, Getty ImagesThe number of high school students in New York who smoke continues to go down.
Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office says the state’s high school student smoking rate of 4.3 percent in 2016 was the lowest on record, down from 27 percent in 2000.
However, a survey by the New York State Department of Health found that e-cigarette use by high school students has nearly doubled in the last two years, from 10.5 percent to just over 20 percent.
“These startling numbers demonstrate both the overwhelming success of New York’s anti-smoking programs – which have led to record low teen cigarette use – and the need to close dangerous loopholes that leave e-cigarettes unregulated,” Governor Cuomo said.
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as informed in For additional information on the New York State Tobacco Control Program, visit here.
We’ve had significant success in reducing smoking among young people in New York State.
We must continue to safeguard New York youth from the dangers associated with cigarette and e-cigarette use, both known and unknown.”
Although combustible tobacco products contain more toxins than e-cigarettes, the aerosol produced by e-cigarettes is not a harmless water vapor.
The report also found that the use of e-cigarettes among youths and young adults is strongly associated with the use of other tobacco products.

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Evidence Piles Up Showing Vaping Is Not Sparking More Youth Smoking

“The national trends in vaping and cigarette smoking do not support the argument that vaping is leading to smoking,” Kozlowski said in a statement.
Public health researchers from the University at Buffalo and the University of Michigan said evidence does not support claims from federal officials that vaping leads to cigarette smoking and is sparking a public health crisis among the youth.
In reality, just six students from the body of thousands that participated switched from vaping to smoking cigarettes, while 20 students who began the study as smokers transitioned to vaping.
The public has become confused about this.”The pair note misleading statements from researchers linking e-cigarettes to smoking misrepresent what the actual data is showing.
“This is likely discouraging adult smokers from using e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool.”The CDC released a report Dec. 8 condemning vaping as an unhealthy practice and warned that vaping poses a significant risk to youth.

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