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A different Ebola vaccine consists of two parts providing long-term protection.

as declared in That is different from another Ebola vaccine from Merck , which was the first to prove effective in preventing human infection during a large trial in Guinea last year.
The findings, based on a Phase I clinical trial involving 75 healthy subjects, were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
The vaccine requires one dose to prime the immune system and a second shot to boost the body’s response.
March 14 (Reuters) – The world should be far better prepared for the next Ebola outbreak, with further promising results on Tuesday showing the potential of a long-lasting vaccine against the deadly virus.
Scientists have been racing to develop vaccines for Ebola after more than 11,300 people died in West Africa’s 2013-2016 epidemic.


referring to New York — A two-part Ebola vaccine regimen has been found to offer protection against the deadly disease for about a year in an early human trial.
Of the 75 participants who received the vaccine regimen, 64 remained in the study for a follow-up visit on day 360.
No serious vaccine-associated adverse events were observed, and all 64 participants maintained antibodies to Ebola virus at day 360.
Both of the vaccines in the regimen use harmless viral vectors, or carriers, to deliver proteins of the Ebola virus, which prompt an immune response.
Previously reported initial results showed the two-vaccine regimen is safe, well-tolerated and induced immune responses in participants eight months after immunisation.

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This vaccine just might stop Ebola from annihilating the great apes

Now, in an effort to keep our closest-living relatives alive, researchers have successfully tested an oral Ebola vaccine in the laboratory.
But wild apes are another story—and firing darts at them in the dense, dark jungle just isn’t something conservationists are keen to try.
The Ebola virus doesn’t just bring terror and death to human communities , it also ravages Africa’s great apes , whose populations are already imperiled by hunting and habitat encroachment.
The extinction of wild apes is realistic, and Ebola may be their death knell.
Researchers administered the oral vaccine to laboratory chimpanzees and found that it produced “robust” immune responses.

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