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HIV breakthrough may help scientists kill sleeping virus cells

referring to AIDS researchers have long sought a way to find these T-cells infected with dormant HIV so that they can target them with therapies.
The drugs can’t kill all the retrovirus because HIV has a way of infecting immune cells called T-cells and then going dormant.
As expected, all the cells were T-cells harboring dormant HIV.
Only T-cells hiding dormant HIV make the protein.
But if an HIV patient stops taking her antiviral drugs, the dormant retrovirus will “awaken” and rapidly begin reproducing.
Finding may help doctors target dormant HIV

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HIV breakthrough may help scientists kill sleeping virus cells

However, it’s still a huge breakthrough, marking the first time researchers have been able to identify latent virus cells after trying since 1996.
The technique could be used to augment “kick and kill” treatments that activate latent virus and then kill it with antiviral drugs.
However, a tiny number of the virus cells remain in around one in a million disease-fighting T-cells.
Expensive HIV antiviral drug regiments massively knock down levels of the virus, letting patients lead relatively normal lives.
They then studied blood samples from 12 HIV patients living under treatment and isolated cells expressing that marker.

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