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Trumpcare Could Bring HIV Roaring Back

as informed in It also guaranteed coverage for people with preexisting conditions such as HIV and covered HIV testing.
There is still no mention of HIV and AIDS in President Trump’s health care policy.
Health insurance is vital to keeping viral suppression rates up and infection rates down.
The repeal and replacement would cause 24 million people to lose health insurance within a decade, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
In 2013, during his first year as governor of Indiana, Scott County’s only Planned Parenthood (and only HIV testing center) closed, leading to an unprecedented HIV outbreak, which took months to temper due to Pence’s dangerous stance on needle exchanges.

Trumpcare Could Bring HIV Roaring Back

according to

HIV Breakthrough Could Speed Up Cure

‘Reservoir cells’ are cells that function as ‘hosts’ to the HIV virus while a patient is undergoing therapy.
Based on lab experiments, activating these cells led to the production of viruses that were capable of reinfecting healthy cells.
And the necessary first step to achieve this goal will be to identify these cells and differentiate them from ordinary healthy cells.
This is the reason why HIV patients require lifetime treatment.
They isolated the cells that had the protein, and were able to confirm that nearly all of them carried the HIV virus.

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