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New low-cost rotavirus vaccine

new low-cost rotavirus vaccine could reduce disease burden in developing countries according to medical xpress For the trial, researchers conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled trial in Niger to evaluate the efficacy of BR V-PV, a low-cost, heat-stable vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd.
The new vaccine is heat-stable, the first of its kind for rotavirus prevention.
All children included in the trial are monitored in local health centers and receive free health care for two years.
“When the vaccine becomes widely available in Africa, it will help protect millions of the most vulnerable children.”
Rotavirus is the leading cause of acute diarrhea, or severe gastroenteritis, in children.

rotavirus vaccine

according to It is affordable, with a price of under US$2.50, which is much cheaper than the lowest price of rotavirus vaccines currently available.
The new vaccine is also adapted to the type of rotavirus most commonly found in sub-Saharan countries.
“The quicker this vaccine is pre qualified by the WHO, the sooner it can be used to prevent the deaths of thousands of children in the countries where it is needed most.”
The most innovative aspect of the new vaccine is that it is heat stable, so it does not require refrigeration.
Once approved, low-income countries will be able to procure the vaccine at an affordable price and roll it out in their countries.

New vaccine against rotavirus could curb child deaths

according to Although 27 children in the vaccine part of the study died, along with 22 in the placebo group, researchers said their deaths were unrelated to the vaccine.
“At 28 days after the third dose of vaccine or placebo, severe rotavirus gastroenteritis had been reported in 31 infants in the vaccine group and in 87 in the placebo group,” said the study.
There are already two vaccines on the market against rotavirus, but they require refrigeration and can be costly.
“When the vaccine becomes widely available in Africa, it will help protect millions of the most vulnerable children.
About a month after the final dose, far fewer children who had been vaccinated showed signs of diarrhea, vomiting and stomach distress from rotavirus.

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