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Nebraska possibility to be the second state legalize medicinal marijuana

Trump, an avid supporter of medical marijuana during his campaign, doesn’t appear as if he’ll use federal law to take medical cannabis away from states that have chosen to legalize it.
According to Live Well Nebraska, the state’s Judiciary Committee last week advanced Legislative Bill 622, which would legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska.
Recreational marijuana sales accounted for $875 million, with medical cannabis totaling roughly half of what was sold on the recreational side of the equation in 2016.
According to a recently released poll from Quinnipiac University, 93% of Americans want to see medical marijuana legalized nationally, compared to just 6% who opposed the idea.
The plus side for medical patients is that 28 states have legalized medical cannabis.
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Medical marijuana would be an alternative to eliminate opioid epidemic

Previous studies reported associations between medical marijuana and reductions in opioid prescriptions, opioid-related vehicle accidents and opioid-overdose deaths.
In a 2014 study, Dr. Marcus Bachhuber found deaths from opioid overdoses fell by 25 percent in states that legalized medical marijuana.
Shi analyzed hospitalization records from 1997 through 2014 for 27 states, nine of which implemented medical marijuana policies.
“Instead, medical marijuana laws may have reduced hospitalizations related to opioid pain relievers,” said study author Yuyan Shi, a public health professor at the University of California, San Diego.
Her study was the fifth to show declines in opioid use or deaths in states that allow medical cannabis.
Medical marijuana

according to 764, sponsored by Rep. Deborah Sanderson, R-Chelsea, received strong support from medical marijuana patients and caregivers who are licensed by the state to grow marijuana for patients.
But they said the type of black mold that causes the infection can be eliminated in carefully prepared medical marijuana products.
After failing to find relief from prescription drugs, Godfrey had used medical marijuana to relieve his pain and other symptoms associated with Alport syndrome.
“It just doesn’t make any sense to me.”Presently, the bill would affect only Maine Medical Center because it has the sole transplant center in the state.
Caregivers and patients testified that other states have passed policies protecting medical marijuana users’ access to organ transplants.

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