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CDC Proposes a change of HPV virus vaccines

THE HPV JAB IS GIVEN TO PROTECT AGAINST CERVICAL CANCER Cervical cancer starts in the neck of the womb, otherwise known as the cervix.
Her mum Gini Blesky, 37, said she believes her daughter’s symptoms were caused by a reaction to the HPV vaccine Gardasil.
A spokeswoman said: “As with all vaccines, the safety of the HPV vaccine is under constant review.
It can also cause abnormal tissue growth and other changes to cells within your cervix – which can sometimes lead to cervical cancer.
Two strains of the HPV virus (HPV 16 and HPV 18) are known to be responsible for most cases, but most women who have them don’t develop cervical cancer.
HPV vaccine

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Most infections will be controlled by the immune system and will not go on to cause a cervical cancer

The HPV vaccine is recommended for boys and girls as young as age nine because the vaccine is most effective when given before any exposure to HPV through sexual contact.
The first HPV vaccine was approved for use by the FDA in 2006, and it represents the first time we have the real possibility of preventing a cancer with a vaccine.
Sadly, I have experienced this same story time and time again, caring for countless women with cervical cancer.
There are several factors that contribute to the low vaccination rates in the U.S.; however, physician enthusiasm for vaccination can help to improve immunization rates.
The HPV vaccine
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