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The people of the city of “Eaton Rapids” demand a ban on smoking in downtown

referring to He is a big part of the conversation to ban smoking in downtown.
His business, Turtle Toms, and many others across Main St. are asking the city to ban smoking in the downtown area, and have places nearby smokers can go.
Marianetti doesn’t think the ban is necessary and seemed offended that Braatz thinks there needs to be one.
“We just want to make the downtown more family friendly, that’s all we want, to make it safe for everyone.”
“To see an asthmatic child gasping for air because of second hand smoke really has an impact on you,” Braatz explains.
referring to

Dutch amusement parks, museums to ban smoking while you wait

In total, 21 Dutch tourist attractions and amusement parks are to ban visitors from smoking while they queue up, Dutch media reported on Tuesday.
The aim is to protect young visitors from the damaging effects of smoke, the papers said.
Smoking has already been banned in covered outdoor waiting areas at the 21 attractions.
The list of locations where smoking will be discouraged outside includes Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, the Efteling amusement park and Emmen’s Wildlands zoo.
The ban will be introduced on April 1.
ban smoking

referring to Club van Elf represents all the largest amusement parks in the Netherlands, including Efteling, Diergaarde Blijdorp, Duinrell, Toverland, Madurodam and Walibi.
From Saturday smokers will no longer be allowed to smoke while standing in line for a ride or attraction in the large amusement parks in the Netherlands, the Club van Elf, which represents 21 amusement parks, announced, NU.nl reports.
Efteling, for example, is adjusting its no smoking signs and will reprimand people who smoke in the queue.
The parks themselves will choose which measures to take for enforcement.
This measure is intended to keep young children away from secondhand smoke.

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