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Discovering new drugs targeting Zika virus proteins

Researchers have mapped a key protein that causes Zika virus to reproduce and spread.
Drugs to target the Zika virus will almost certainly involve this protein.”Zika virus has infected more than 1 million people in 52 countries and territories in the Americas since 2015, the World Health Organization reports.
Findings of the study, published in Nature Communications, reveal the structure of the Zika virus protein NS5, which contains two enzymes needed for the virus to replicate and spread.
“Drugs approved to treat hepatitis C and compounds in development to treat other viral diseases are prime candidates to use against the Zika virus,” Kao says.
“This means we can quickly analyze existing drugs and other compounds that can disrupt the spread of the virus.

Zika protein

referring to A research project hailed by Theresa May to protect people from “the awful Zika virus” was funded under an EU scheme likely to be lost after Brexit.
No less than £10m has been provided by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program – its key funding stream for ground breaking medical research.
Ministers have pledged to underwrite existing Horizon 2020 projects to the end of the current spending round in 2020.
The EU funding is confirmed in a press release, last October, announcing how the Glasgow scientists had “united with 25 research organizations to fight Zika Virus and build long-term outbreak response capacity in Latin America”.
However, future involvement would have to be renegotiated as part of any Brexit deal, creating huge uncertainty for scientists.

Zika virus project on Scottish was funded by EU

referring to Over the course of 45 days, there were a total of 32 patients suspected of having a Zika virus infection.
In August, the ASDoH proposed ending routine screening of asymptomatic pregnant women by Oct. 15, 2016.
Routine testing of all asymptomatic pregnant woman, along with individuals with one or more symptoms of Zika virus, also became standard procedure.
Additionally, 277 asymptomatic pregnant women were tested and 86 or 31 percent tested anti-Zika IgM–positive or equivocal.
Transmission data from American Samoa and the CDC were used to determine the Oct. 15 date as an estimate for when active mosquito-borne transmission would end.

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