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Subcommittee passes medical marijuana Bill

as informed in Rep. Allen Peake, sponsor of a medical cannabis bill, celebrates its passage with advocates following House passage Tuesday ATLANTA — A bill to expand treatments eligible for medical marijuana overwhelmingly passed the Georgia House of Representatives Tuesday.
The House bill allows the use of cannabis oil, derived from marijuana, to treat a list of conditions.
“I’m grateful we’ve moved the ball,” said Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon), who has sponsored medical marijuana bills the last several sessions.
The state Senate previously passed a bill to reduce that amount, but withdrew that requirement during negotiations with House members.
The bill needs Senate approval between now and Thursday in order to go to the Governor for his signature.

Health Quality Subcommittee

referring to It came after the Legislature in 2014 and 2016 passed far-more limited medical marijuana laws, allowing non-euphoric cannabis for some patients and full-strength marijuana for people with terminal illnesses.The House bill would provide fewer additional licenses for purveyors of medical marijuana than a Senate plan would allow.
“I believe this is a measured approach,” Rodrigues, R-Estero said, “but I will caution you that it is not the final product.
“This proposal undermines and contradicts the Constitution, the will of 71 percent of Floridians, and would impose significant, arbitrary barriers to patient access,” Pollara said.
“But Ben Pollara, campaign manager for the political committee that backed Amendment 2, harshly criticized the House plan, saying it “was written for the less than 29 percent who voted ‘no’ rather than the over 71 percent who voted ‘yes’ “” on the amendment.
“The Rodrigues proposal would prohibit smoking of cannabis products, as well as edibles, and would ban all but terminally ill patients from using vaporizers to consume medical marijuana, one of the biggest objections to the bill raised by supporters of the constitutional amendment.Known as Amendment 2, the ballot initiative was approved by more than 71 percent of Florida voters in November.

The Health Quality Committee in the House approves the implementation of the medical marijuana bill

referring to The House Health Quality Subcommittee voted overwhelmingly to approve a bill (HB 1397) that would implement the 2016 constitutional amendment.
Rodrigues defended the inclusion of the language, saying it was part of low-THC medical marijuana bill passed passed in 2014.
A House panel approved legislation Tuesday that would implement the 2016 medical marijuana constitutional amendment, despite concerns from some advocates the proposal doesn’t honor the spirit of the amendment.
Approved with support from 71 percent of Floridians in November, the constitutional amendment allows Floridians with debilitating medical conditions, determined by a licensed physician, to use medical marijuana.
But there is also a chance that physicians specializing in medical marijuana will emerge, and in that case Rodrigues said having the waiting period could help ward off bad actors.

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