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New Vaccine reference Cuts Number Of HPV Shots Children Need

New Vaccine Recommendation Cuts Number Of HPV Shots Children Need New Vaccine Recommendation Cuts Number Of HPV Shots Children Need You’d think that a vaccine that protects people against more than a half-dozen types of cancer would have people lining up to get it.
In contrast to other vaccines, however, the HPV vaccine is required only in a few states for secondary school.
But just 30 percent of girls and 25 percent of boys at that age had received all three doses of the HPV vaccine.
“This vaccine should have been introduced as a vaccine that will prevent cancer, not sexually transmitted infections.”The HPV virus is incredibly common.
In December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended reducing the number of shots in the HPV vaccine from three to two for girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 14.
HPV Shots Children Need

according to The New York Times estimates that 600 children die from rotavirus each day (yes, you read that right: 600 children a day).
One of the most dangerous viruses for these children is rotavirus, a gastrointestinal bug that causes severe diarrhea and vomiting.
Thus far, the vaccines used in these parts of the world have required refrigeration, according to The New York Times.
And a study from 2013 found that rotavirus is the leading cause of fatal diarrhea for children under the age of 2.
The vaccine, made by Serum Institute of India, was found to be 67 percent effective in protecting children from the most severe symptoms of the virus.

New Vaccine Could Slow Disease That Kills 600 Children a Day

according to In 1999, the first American rotavirus vaccine, Rotashield, was withdrawn from the market because of fears that it triggered intussusception.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyOne of that study’s conclusions was that more rotavirus vaccine should be available.
In any case, getting more rotavirus vaccine into more babies “is really important,” Dr. Berkley said.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyThere were no cases of intussusception, a rare but potentially lethal bowel obstruction.
Other rotavirus vaccines take up as much space as all other commonly used refrigerated vaccines combined.

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