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Trump proposes lowering the medical research budget

According to STAT:[T]he NIH cuts would wipe $50 million from funding for ID eA grants, which are intended to help spread biomedical research geographically across the United States.
He said implementing the NIH cuts would amount to “throwing progress out the window.”
The budget cuts proposed by President Trump to NIH will have devastating effects.
Others chimed in online:$300 million in cuts by Trump admin would set us back in the fight to achieve an AIDS-free generation.
The rest, nearly $1.2 billion, would more broadly reduce research grant funding.

Slash Medical Research Funding

as informed in Related: Proposed Trump Budget Cuts Would Devastate Medical Spending, Experts Say The 2017 budget year ends in October.
The Trump proposals would slice $1.2 billion from a $31.6 billion NIH budget as it was laid out in the December continuing resolution.
President Donald Trump, who had just proposed slashing the National Institutes of Health’s budget for next year by 20 percent, suggested an immediate $1.2 billion cut to the agency Tuesday.
President Donald Trump speaks at the White House on March 24 as HHS Secretary Tom Price, left, and Vice President Mike Pence look on.
Trump laid out a vague plan for 2018 earlier this month, and on Tuesday the White House released ideas for this year’s budget.
Trump Proposes Slashing Medical Research

as informed in A 20 percent cut to the NIH budget would be unprecedented

As part of the budget deal between the Obama administration and the Congressional GOP known as “sequestration,” the NIH budget was reduced by about 5 percent in 2013.
The reason for this is that, in any given year, most of the NIH budget goes to pay for ongoing research projects continued from previous years.
As a result, the funding rate for NIH research grants — meaning the fraction of submitted proposals that were actually funded — dropped to its lowest level in 20 years.
Trump’s budget could force the NIH to reduce the number of new proposals by a jaw-dropping 88 percent in 2018.

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