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Hepatitis B and C could increase risk of Parkinson’s disease

Relax news New research suggests that the hepatitis B and C viruses may be linked to an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease.
People with autoimmune hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis and HIV did not show an increased rate of Parkinson’s disease.
However the results do also support findings from a previous Taiwanese study which found a relationship between hepatitis C and Parkinson’s disease, although the study did not show a relationship for hepatitis B.
It’s possible that the hepatitis virus itself or perhaps the treatment for the infection could play a role in triggering Parkinson’s disease or it’s possible that people who are susceptible to hepatitis infections are also more susceptible to Parkinson’s disease.”
Commenting on the results, study author Julia Pakpoor said, “The development of Parkinson’s disease is complex, with both genetic and environmental factors.
Parkinson's disease

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Hepatitis may increase risk of Parkinson’s disease

UK analysts distinguished clinic records of individuals initially determined to have hepatitis B, hepatitis C, immune system hepatitis, unending dynamic hepatitis and HIV in the vicinity of 1999 and 2011.
There were about 22,000 individuals with hepatitis B, 48,000 with hepatitis C, 6,000 with immune system hepatitis, 4,000 with incessant dynamic hepatitis and almost 20,000 with HIV. These records were analyzed against those of more than 6 million individuals with minor conditions, for example, waterfall surgery, bunions and knee substitution surgery, to see who later built up Parkinson’s sickness.
The outcomes demonstrated that individuals with hepatitis B were 76% more inclined to build up Parkinson’s malady than those in the correlation gathering, and individuals with hepatitis C were 51% more inclined to build up Parkinson’s sickness

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