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The medical marijuana industry has pollution problems

Officials from California’s Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation promised Thursday to revamp safety regulations governing medical marijuana testing to address the issues.
Earlier this year California’s medical marijuana program came under similar scrutiny after a man died from a fungus linked to his marijuana.
Medical marijuana is legal in 28 states and is legal in Washington, D.C., for recreational use.
Massachusetts completely bans the use of chemicals in the production of medical marijuana, while states like Colorado and Oregon put strict limits on pesticide levels.
5567095Marijuana dispensaries in California are pulling products off their shelves after a recent investigation found a majority of the medical products tested from stores contained dangerous contaminants.

Medical Marijuan

according to After the state legalized medical marijuana in 2007, a colleague showed her its ability to help patients with PTSD and she started referring patients to the state Medical Cannabis Program in 2009.
“I hope the governor recognizes medical marijuana as a tool to help save lives,” says Gelay.
Correction: A previous version of this article stated that opioid addiction is killing 6,000 people a week.
Now, Republican Governor Susana Martinez has until April 7th to decide whether her state becomes the first-ever to legalize the use of medical marijuana to treat opioid addiction.
Medical marijuana is legal in New Mexico.

Florida doctors has the legal status of medical marijuana

according to State records show about 630 doctors in Florida are permitted to recommend medical marijuana and 258 are in South Florida.
NBC 6’s Steve Litz talks to doctors about prescribing medical marijuana to patients as Florida lawmakers work to push forward the cannabis program.
The state legislature has not indicated whether it will consider offering more clarity to the medical marijuana laws.
Miami physician George Tabi is one of the concerned doctors who are worried that medical marijuana could jeopardize their professional careers.
While many doctors in Florida prepare to start prescribing medical marijuana to patients, there are some medical professionals who have reservations because they say the state’s new cannabis laws lack clarity.

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