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flu and Strep throat infection caused a tragedy for a six-year-old girl

AKRON, Ohio – A Nordonia kindergartner lost one of her legs in a rare case where strep throat and the flu manifested into a terrible infection.
Her father, Matt Puma, said Tessa was diagnosed with strep throat in March even though she didn’t seem to have the symptoms.
Doctors told the family that the strep traveled through the girl’s bloodstream to her leg and caused a serious infection.
Tessa Puma, 6, of Northfield, is being treated at Akron Children’s Hospital following surgery that amputated her left leg from the knee down.
A few weeks later, the girl who is very active in dance and gymnastics, developed the flu and complained about pain in her arm and leg.
Nordonia kindergartner lost one of her legs

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Strep throat takes tragic turn as 6-year-old dancer loses leg to infection

NORTH FIELD, Ohio – Prayers are going out for a six-year-old young lady who lost her leg after a session with strep throat and this season’s flu virus prompted an existence debilitating contamination. Moving is her obsession and her kindred artists are demonstrating an overflowing of support for her recuperation.

Youthful artists from the Center Stage Dance Studio in North field conveyed well-wishes Monday night to six-year-old Tessa Puma.

Her move teacher depicts her as a phenom.

“She’s just six years of age and we knew when she was most likely four, so at any rate for a long time, that we knew she was recently such a hotshot, she was destined to move,” said educator Stacey Kopec.

In the start of March, Tessa was dealt with for strep throat, then a week ago she got this season’s flu virus. Friday night, her leg started to swell up…her guardians took her to Akron Children’s Hospital, where specialists found a contamination that constrained them to sever her leg.

“In the 28 years that I’ve been showing move, this is the most obliterating thing that we’ve needed to go thr

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