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CAR T therapy for cancer treatment

as mentioned in Health Beat: CAR T therapy for cancer…TAMPA, Fla. – Jeffrey Backer didn’t think he’d be swinging a golf club ever again.
“They activate for a fight and they kill the target cells, the cancer cells in this case,” explained Locke.
Then, they’re reprogrammed so they can detect and kill cancer cells.
“The secret to being a successful cancer survivor is just stay alive long enough until technology catches up to your disease,” Backer said.
A new form of immunotherapy, called CAR T therapy, turns the immune system’s T cells into fighters.

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Tumor microenvironment poses unique challenges for effective ovarian cancer T-cell therapy

 cancer T-cell therapy

Fast-growing ovarian cancer cells churn through the glucose in their environment — the same energy source engineered T cells need to do their work.
•A “death signal” produced by both ovarian tumor cells and nearby blood vessels on their surfaces.
In her presentation, Anderson will describe three types of roadblocks to an effective ovarian cancer T-cell therapy — and how the research team is working to overcome each.
Anderson and her colleagues have identified proteins overproduced by ovarian cancer cells, known as WT1 and mesothelin, and have found that T cells engineered to specifically recognize these proteins can kill both human and mouse ovarian cancer cells in the lab.
Although her current work focuses on ovarian cancer, a particularly difficult-to-treat solid tumor, Anderson hopes the work will shed light on new therapeutic avenues for other solid tumors as well.

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“Sci-fi” cancer therapy fights brain tumors, study finds

The latest National Comprehensive Cancer Center guidelines include Optune as an appropriate treatment for brain tumors.
The new resultsNow they’re in: Median survival was 21 months for those given Optune plus chemo versus 16 months for those on chemo alone.
She has scans every two months to check for cancer and “they’ve all been good,” she said.
He led the company-sponsored study while previously at University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland, and gave results Sunday at an American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Washington.
Because cancer cells divide often, and normal cells in the adult brain do not, this in theory mostly harms the disease and not the patient.

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