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A challenge to public health in America by Opioid addiction

Dr. Gottlieb said opioid addiction is “the biggest crisis facing the agency” and as serious a public health challenge for the entire government, not just FDA, as infectious diseases like Ebola or Zika.
“We should reject a false dichotomy that it all boils down to a choice between speed and safety,” Dr. Gottlieb said.
Dr. Gottlieb also is a resident fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, from which he said he also would resign.
Opioid Addiction is America’s Public Health ChallengeThe medical Doctor nominated to head the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told Senators last Wednesday that his 1st priority would be tackling the opioid crisis, and he pledged that science will prevail at the agency despite his extensive financial ties to medical companies it regulates.
On drug pricing: Dr. Gottlieb said it was time to adjust FDA policies that make it difficult to quickly approve lower-cost generic versions of certain treatments, particularly drug-and-device combinations.

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New Opioid Addiction Treatment opens Monday in Syracuse

New Opioid Addiction Treatment opens Monday in Syracuse

Governor Kathy Hochul will do the honors on Monday morning, as a new opioid addiction treatment program opens in Central New York.
Klemanski was our guest Sunday morning on Weekend Today in Central New York.
It is in the same facility as SBH’s outpatient clinic, making it easier for people who may need additional services, including mental health support.
which will serve an additional 250 people, providing methadone treatment.
Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare is opening the clinic.

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GOP Should Tackle Infrastructure, Opioid Addiction

You tell them you’re going to repair it, that means you’re going to fix it.
“You tell West Virginians you’re going to repeal something, that means you’re taking it away.
“I’ve told President Trump this, I’ve said you need some wins in the column and the bottom line is infrastructure.
I don’t know a Democrat or Republican that doesn’t have an infrastructure problem – that’s some commonality.
Manchin criticized portions of the AHCA and called for the Republicans to focus on repair rather than repeal.



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