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Find a Zika vaccine of live viruses that have been found to protect mice

Zika vaccine showed promising safety profile in mice when compared with clinically approved live-attenuated vaccines, such as the yellow fever vaccine,” Shi said.
Rapid and promising progress has been made towards Zika vaccines, but they have been made either from an inactivated version of the Zika virus or subunits of the virus.
To create the vaccine, the researchers engineered the Zika virus by deleting one segment of the viral genome.
(Reuters)A single dose of the first live-attenuated Zika vaccine — in which the virus has been weakened so that it cannot cause disease — has been found to provide mice complete protection in experiments.
“Such live-attenuated vaccine has the advantage of single-dose immunisation, rapid and strong immune response and potentially long-lived protection,” Shi said.

Zika vaccine from live virus found to protect mice

as declared in Ninety volunteers are being tested to determine the safest, most effective dose of an experimental vaccine for the Zika virus.
The Trump administration proposed an 18 percent cut to the NIH budget, and what effect that will have on the Zika tests is unclear, CNN reported.
Researchers said more babies from the study may have birth defects that were not immediately apparent, such as hearing and vision impairment and learning disabilities.
The danger of birth defects is not the only severe consequence of the disease.
(Source: Centers for Disease Control via AP)(RNN) – Researchers have taken a step closer to producing a vaccine for the Zika virus, but the future of the trials is in question because of looming budget cuts.
Promising Zika vaccine testing on humans; but there's a problem

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