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The relationship of the digestive disease with common viral infections

as mentioned in It’s a common infection that many children get, and you might think the symptoms are obvious, but one boy’s strep throat infection nearly killed him.
He calls himself a superhero, but he’s my superhero,” added Miles’ dad.No cape needed.
Allen, Chief of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, headed the team of doctors who ultimately treated Miles for what turned out to be a common infection, but uncommonly spread throughout his young body.
“That was the most trying time of my life,” said Miles’ dad, Fred Lewis.Fred Lewis says his son never had the expected symptoms of strep, like fever or sore throat.
Fever, inability to walk, sick-looking, those are red flags for us,” said Dr. Allen.These days, Miles is well along the road to recovery.

Celiac disease linked to common viral infection

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In China after SARS, infection rates have stabilized, but the infection is fast-growing and common now needs attention.

“That’s why we believe that once we have more studies, we may want to think about whether children at high risk of developing celiac disease should be vaccinated.”Related: Gluten-free diet is good for Celiac disease, but not necessarily healthy otherwise: Study Share this information People who read this article benefited from…Related Reading:Celiac disease vs. Crohn’s disease, differences in symptoms, causes, and treatmentCeliac disease associated with liver
She is director of research at the University of Chicago’s Celiac Disease Center.
According to a recent study, researchers may have found the culprit behind the disorder, which is supposedly triggered by a common and relatively harmless viral infection.
Currently, there is no cure for celiac disease, and a strict gluten-free diet is the most common treatment for managing symptoms and promoting intestinal healing.
Celiac disease linked to common viral infection ount of gluten or risk triggering a damaging autoimmune response in the intestines.

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