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A new way scientists discovered to attack breast cancer

Breast epithelial cells under ER stress (Chris Bakal, 2014)Scientists have discovered a brand new way of attacking breast cancer that could lead to a new generation of drugs.
In mice that had developed breast cancer, the drug slowed tumour growth and reduced cancer spread with no side-effects.
Major new studyThe study is published in Nature Communications and was funded by Wellcome, Cancer Research UK, and the ICR.
Researchers have revealed a new driver for the growth and spread of breast cancer cells and have designed a novel type of drug to block it.
The researchers found, in mice, that LOX seemed to help breast cancer cells ‘trap’ growth receptors on their surface as a means of growing more quickly.

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as informed in Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid EmailA new method of combating breast cancer has been discovered by scientists after they uncovered more about how the disease grows and spreads.
Researchers found a protein called lysyl oxidase, or Lox, allowed breast cancer cells grow more rapidly as well as allowing the deadly cells to advance through the body.
“LOX is also thought to play a role in a number of other cancers, so this research could also have applications beyond breast cancer.”
Initially, the experts found they could mitigate the development of breast cancer in mice by genetically removing the Lox gene, allowing them to live more than 50 days.
When tested on mice, the medicine halted the protein’s capacity to help cancer cells, slowing both the growth of tumours and the rate at which cells multiplied, scientists said.

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Breast cancer cure: Scientists discover drugs which can FIGHT killer disease

Scientists have created the first of a new generation of drugs which can fight, and possibly cure, breast cancer.
GETTY Breast cancer drug: scientists have found a potential cureGround-breaking new research has revealed how breast cancer cells can be stopped from growing and spreading.
GETTY Cure for cancer: new drug could tackle all typesCurrently, when breast cancer spreads, it sadly becomes incurable Dr Richard Berks
Signs and symptoms of Breast cancer Thu, October 6, 2016 Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women; and one in eight women in the UK will develop the disease during their lifetime.
“Currently, when breast cancer spreads, it sadly becomes incurable.

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