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For Handling of Obesity Olympian shows North Korea, Cuba and praise

These two countries have really “got a handle on obesity,” Cracknell said Tuesday in an interview with Sky News.
During a discussion of government programs to combat obesity, two-time British Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell praised North Korea and Cuba for being really good at keeping their people skinny.
In Cuba, which is also a communist country, food is tightly rationed.
As a result of people getting slimmer, they also started living longer, with fewer Cubans dying of diabetes and heart disease.

Olympian Turned Politician Appears to Praise North Korea and Cuba for Handling of Obesity

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North Korea is one of the few countries that have addressed obesity so Olympian told

Cracknell told Sky News this morning that he believes Cuba and North Korea are shining examples of countries that have tackled the obesity problem.
Like in the case of North Korea, where money is being pumped into a standing army of 1 million troops and developing nuclear weapons instead of providing food for its people.
Cracknell insists that these dictatorial regimes influence “behavioral change.”“Yeah, but people are starving in North Korea, aren’t they.
“North Korea and Cuba,” Cracknell said proudly.
“If you think of the two countries in the world who’ve got a handle on obesity, what do you think they are, which two countries?” Cracknell asked a Sky News presenter.

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