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Discovery of 16 new Zika cases in Barbados

Confirmed number 150 of  Zika cases, with three occurring in 2015, 144 last year and three so far this year.
Since the infection can also be sexually transmitted, pregnant women are also advised to “practise safer sex or abstinence during the entire pregnancy”.
The majority of these cases were recorded last year, with 16 so far in 2017.
Additionally, there were five cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome, a neurological condition, which might have been associated with Zika.
The total number of pregnant women diagnosed with the virus stands at 32.

Registration of three new Zika cases, two of the new group in Glasgow Road

Zika cases
16 new Zika cases

as informed in NEA stressed that most people infected with the Zika virus do not develop symptoms, which heightens the risk of a Zika resurgence as it may take some time before a reintroduced Zika virus is detected.
National Environment Agency (NEA) reported two new cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection from the Glasgow Road area, adding that both cases are from residents in the vicinity.
The statement from NEA also said that an additional case has also been confirmed at Poh Huat Road West (Nouvelle Park), thus expanding the original cluster at Poh Huat Terrace and Terrasse Lane.
The number of cases reported at the Flower Road and Hendry Close cluster remains at two.
This new cluster was notified on Thursday (20 April) and the agency has commenced vector control operations and outreach efforts in the cluster area.

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