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Mucus colored frog killer flu vaccine

This colored frog, or more accurately the slime it secretes, contains a peptide that completely obliterates certain flu vaccine.
The H and N are two types of viral proteins that make up flu cells.
That glowing mental image aside, scientists have discovered a frog in southern India that may be able to provide relief for flu sufferers.
That name is particularly apt based on what urumin does to influenza cells… but we’ll get to that in a minute.
What do you think about this research and treating the flu with frog goo?

A cure for the flu could come from the secretions of a southern Indian frog

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Secretions from the southern Indian frog could be a cure for flu

This article originally appeared on Newser: One Illness May Meet Its Match in … Frog Mucus
Kissing a frog may not conjure a prince, but mucus from one colorful Indian variety could one day lead to new ways to fight off the flu, the Verge reports.
That molecule, called urumin, is named after the Indian “urumi” sword that looks and acts like a whip and is found in the country’s Kerala region, which is also where this particular frog hails from.
(What doesn’t work so well to fend off the flu: nasal spray vaccine.)
From there, the researchers were able to pit 32 peptides in the mucus against various flu strains and discovered that four of the peptides were effective flu fighters, a significant statistical find that co-author Joshy Jacob says nearly caused him to be “knocked off my chair.”

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