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8 Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

The heart attack does not suddenly infect a person, but sends a warning through the signs of a heart attack. Such as: chest pain, we call angina. Which occur during physical exertion. Or because of severe stress. Especially in cold weather. Or after a heavy meal. The heart begins to beat the pulse, seeking more oxygen-laden blood to feed its muscle to keep the pulse going. If the arteries connecting the blood to the heart is narrow. The blood will not reach the muscle tissue. Resulting in a decrease in the amount of oxygen required. The heart expresses this shortness in the form of pain in the chest.

Heart Attack
8 Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

The importance of detecting signs of heart attack early

Experts call on the first hour of heart attack at the golden hour. If the patient receives the appropriate assistance during that hour. The chances of recovery are greatly improved and beyond the crisis. However, some people hesitate to ask for help when they feel signs of heart attack. For fear of going to the hospital, to discover there is only suffering from some minor signs that have nothing to do with the heart or his seizures. It is important to recognize the signs that precede a heart attack and can be observed days, even weeks,. It varies between men and women, and in older persons. If you have any of the factors of a heart disease. Such as high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, or if you are a smoker, or your family has a satisfactory history. You should monitor your exposure to 8 signs that may be signs of heart attack

8 Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

Heart Attack
8 Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

1. Indigestion

Indigestion and stomach pains are signs of heart attack that we often miss. Although they may be an indication of a possible heart attack. These pains may range from dyspepsia, moderate digestion to nausea, cramping, and vomiting. These signs appear more clearly in women. In elderly men, they do not realize they are associated with heart failure.

Indigestion| Signs of a Heart Attack

Doctors say most cases of stomach pain and nausea are not necessarily signs of heart attack. However, the appearance of these signs and attention should be monitored for anything unusual. Especially if it is a sudden way. Without exposure to influenza, or eating food that has not been prepared before.

2. Jaw pain, ear, neck, and shoulder

Acute pain and numbness of the chest, shoulders, arm and index of proximity to exposure to a heart attack. These symptoms appear to many in different forms, they may feel pain in the neck, shoulder area, jaw, or the top of the ear, or between the shoulders. As reported by some of the women who have already suffered the crisis. Many people do not like this kind of pain because it is not continuous. Which gives us the suggestion that it is a pain. It then spreads and moves to the ear, and the jaw. If you experience pain in the neck and then branched out, or moved to another place, you should go to the doctor immediately.

3. Fatigue

Continuing to feel very tired for several days is a sign of heart attack. Although most of us ignore this feeling and explain it as it pleases. And women in particular, are prone to fatigue and over-exhaustion before they experience a heart attack. A 2010 study by the US National Institutes of Health found that 70% of women reported experiencing fatigue weeks and months before having a heart attack.

4. Shortness of breath and vertigo

Heart Attack
Shortness of breath and vertigo | 8 Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

When the heart does not get enough blood, it is also deprived of oxygen. Resulting in difficulty breathing, and the human feels like a place high above the sea. In addition to feeling dizzy, and unbalance. The signs of heart attack are often overlooked by many. For their mistaken belief that breathing is linked to the lungs rather than the heart.
And in the study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in America. More than 40% of women reported having these signs.

5. Swollen feet

When the heart muscle fails to function properly, the waste is left in the tissue. Many people are known to have ascites, or swollen feet due to fluid retention. The ascites usually begin in the feet, ankles, and legs to the distance from the heart where blood circulation is impaired. When the tissue does not get enough blood, it leads to localized anemia.

6. Insomnia

Victims of heart attacks reported suffering from sudden anxiety and inability to sleep. Without clear reasons or reasons, several weeks or a month before the heart attack. However, it should be noted that continuous insomnia is not necessarily an indication of the impending injury of a heart attack. And in a report of the National Institutes of Health. Women who suffered heart attacks reported feeling like an impending disaster. If your sleep is normal and you suddenly feel severe insomnia and anxiety for unknown reasons. Talk to your doctor.

7. Flu Symptoms

Many think that excessive, dizziness, fatigue, general weakness, Flu Symptoms only. Experts confirm that they are markings that are similar to signs of a heart attack. Attention must be drawn to the fact that the symptoms of the flu may include pain or pressure in the chest, which is one of the most striking signs of heart attack. If you suffer from signs that resemble severe influenza signs, but without a rise in temperature, the doctor must go immediately. Specialists say that attention must be drawn to the fact that the incidence of a chest or a chronic cough is an indication of the proximity of a heart attack, and patients often attribute these markings to cold, flu, asthma or pulmonary disease.

8. Rapid pulse and rapid heartbeat

Heart Attack
Rapid pulse and rapid heartbeat | 8 Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

Accelerating heartbeat known in medical settings as ventricular heart acceleration of signs of a heart attack. Especially if it happens suddenly. The person feels dizziness, weakness and heaviness in the chest and heart. As if climbing a high place, and these marks are not a sign of a heart attack if the result of a hard effort. Some combine these signs with similar signs of unusual muscle exertion.

Video Silent Symptoms of a Heart Attack

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