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Questions about the cancellation of health insurance without notice

No word yet on cancellation of health insurance Patsy Oswalt’s bill. Blue Cross Blue Shield says they worked with both customers to resolve their issues fairly. Blue Cross Blue Shield says that if a member is having an issue with their Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage, the company advises members to call the number on their membership card where Blue Cross can offer assistance.
After being hospitalized last December, she made sure to renew her health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield early during January-enrollment.
“I’ve never missed a payment on my medical insurance, I never asked to have my medical insurance canceled,” said Glochowsky.Glochowsky also made sure to sign-up for coverage at the beginning of 2017, after being hospitalized in December.
“I have been dropped three times since January,” said Blue Cross Blue Shield customer Patsy Oswalt.
“Martin Glochowsky, a Chicago physician and longtime Blue Cross Blue Shield customer, had a similar problem.

health insurance
Questions about the cancellation of health insurance without notice

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Use of health insurance for older persons

We urge graduating seniors to take advantage of Campus Health for birth control and other important checkups while they are still required to have health insurance.
Take care of yourself, and consider trekking up the hill to Campus Health for low-cost and respectful health care.
Health care appointments can be stressful, especially for people with marginalized identities, but we appreciate that Campus Health asks for patients’ pronouns on its paperwork.
Unfortunately, vulnerable demographics might be entering a time in their lives when they are not covered.
Oftentimes, women as well as other demographics at this university would not have access to birth control unless through their health insurance.

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