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How To Study Effectively

Study effectively is very important in our lives. Since you won’t be able to graduate from college or school without having studied effectively. But often that comes to our mind this question:

study effectively
how to study effectively

What are the best ways to study effectively?

  • Time Management For Study Effectively

time management
time management for study effectively

Time is very important in our lives in General and to study effectively especially. So that our life is time. But it is meaningless if we don’t organize our time. For example, we have to give time to study, time to watch TV and another time for sports and another to sleep. And don’t forget also to match each activity on the time to implement it in order not to waste the whole day and we are doing one activity. For example, we give sleep 7 hours and sports one hour. In this way we have organized our best picture.

  • Exercise Of Sport

Exercise Of Sport
Exercise Of Sport Study Effectively

Regular exercise is an important day to study effectively therefor helps stimulate circulation and transfer food to the brain better. They also improve the body’s metabolism.

  • Eating healthy food

Eating healthy food
Eating healthy food For Study Effectively

Eating healthy food of different kinds of vegetables to add to the fruit and fat (meat, milk, and nuts). Full brain helps give the necessary materials to function properly besides it activates memory which helps to study effectively and have lunch on the three periods is important as it increases the efficiency and regularity of brain uptake of materials.

  • Study in a quiet and tidy place

quiet and tidy place
Study in a quiet and tidy place

The study in a quiet and tidy place is working to reduce the things that you want to distract attention. Thus increasing focus and helping to study effectively.

  • Don’t Put Yourself Under Stress.

Don't put pressure on yourself
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Give your mind the opportunity to study effectively. So you need to rearrange your time if you gave yourself a very long time to study. Scientific studies have shown that to increase the ability of the brain to perform its learning functions, you must add one to your current age, and this will be the time of your study in minutes. Example: 16 years if (1 + 16 = 17), then you must study for 17 minutes, after this time you should take rest for between two to five minutes without changing your place, after repeating it three times take a long rest for half an hour and any other activity in place of study. Get some rest helps give your brain a chance to install information. Re ready to receive more information. This would also help to study effectively.

Remember That :

“The study of the key of science, the science of life”.

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