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Increasing age to buy smoking products to 21 in Himbstid Town

The Hempstead Town Board voted unanimously Tuesday to raise the legal age for purchasing smoking products to 21 from 18, making it the second town in Nassau County to do so. The Hempstead Town Board proposed its legislation on April 4 after a news conference championing it a day earlier in South Hempstead.
North Hempstead, as well as Suffolk County and New York City, have already set the age at 21.
Business owners could receive fines as much as $1,500 and possibly lose their licenses to sell tobacco products, if they do not comply with the law.
The town’s law now prohibits the sale of cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and powdered tobacco, liquid nicotine and other smoking products, as well as herbal cigarettes, rolling papers, smoking paraphernalia and e-cigarettes to people younger than 21.

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InRutland Herald Senate rejects higher smoking age

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Senate rejected legislation Tuesday that would have raised the legal smoking age to 21.
But Sen. Claire Ayer, D-Addison, chairwoman of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, brought the bill back to the floor Tuesday where it was defeated on a 16-13 vote.
Ayer and Sen. Debbie Ingram, D- Chittenden, a strong proponent of the bill, said they were willing to risk its defeat.
She said her sister has been hospitalized with a serious case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease after starting smoking at a young age.
Ayer said the bill is the type of legislation she does not like to vote on because it restricts Vermonters’ choices.
Senate votes down bill to raise smoking age to 21

as informed in The Senate did then decide to consider the bill Tuesday, with an amendment that would have still raised the smoking age to 21 but removed penalties for underage smoking.
A bill that would have raised Vermont’s smoking age from 18 to 21 failed on the Senate floor Tuesday, ending a political saga that has enveloped the legislation in recent weeks.
She said in an interview that the legal age to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and smoke marijuana should be 21.
But when S.88 went to the floor, senators voted to send the bill to the Senate Finance Committee, a procedural move that usually kills a bill.
It was then ordered to lie, a procedural term that usually means the Senate will not be reconsidering a bill.

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