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Healthy Body Fat Percentage

Fat The healthy body fat percentage is one of the important criteria that affect the assessment of the level of health and fitness of the human body, and fat are important components of the human body, it is the source of energy in the body, and the body’s insulating layer of external tractor grades, and fat layer protects the body from shocks, Of the important components in cell wall, fat is essential for the manufacture of some important compounds in the body such as hormones, vitamins, and yellow juice. Studies have shown that having a large mass of body fat more than the normal rate causes many chronic diseases that have mucus T healthy, so you should maintain a certain level of fat within normal range

healthy body fat percentage
healthy body fat percentage

Fat Components

The fat consists of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It consists of a combination of three molecules of fatty acid with one molecule of glycerol to form triglycerides, the main component of fat in the human body. Each gram of fat provides the body with nine calories, does not dissolve fat in water and dissolves In solutions such as alcohol and ether, the glycerol enters the fat structure but is not considered fat because it dissolves in water.

Calculation of fat in the body

Calculation of fat in the body
Calculation of fat in the body

Body weight is calculated by calculation. The best time to calculate this is in the morning; because waist circumference and body weight calculation are accurate after a sufficient period of sleep. This equation does not give accurate estimates of body fat, but helps to know If they lose weight of muscle or body fat.

Calculation of fat ratio in women

We calculate the weight of the body and we multiply the body weight of women (732.0) and we combine it with the value (986.8) as follows:

  • (Body weight × 732.0) +986.8
  • Measurement of waist circumference × 157.1570.0
  • Measuring Buttocks × 249
  • We collect the three results we collected and collected together and then we get the percentage of the body mass and we are subtracting

(Total body weight – muscle mass = body fat ratio)

Healthy Body Fat Percentage For Women

Calculation of fat ratio in men

  • (Total body weight × 082.1) +42.94
  • (Waist circumference x 15.4)
  • We subtract the results we obtained and the output will be muscle mass
  • Subtract (total body weight – muscle mass) = weight of body fat.
  • (Body fat weight × 100) divided by the total body weight and the result is the proportion of body fat.

Healthy Body Fat Percentage For Men

The normal fat rate in women is 10 to 12 percent. In men, the normal fat rate is between two and four percent. Fat can be measured by other advanced and more accurate methods. There are some devices that measure fat in certain areas of the body. Is a useful way to estimate body fat content.

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