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Health Insurance Premiums & Pre-Existing Conditions

More than a quarter of adult Americans under 65 have a pre-existing health-insurance, which includes everything from asthma and diabetes to heart disease and cancer, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.
It allows states to let insurers charge higher premiums to sicker people if their coverage has lapsed, and if the state has set up a so-called “high-risk pool,” or special health insurance programs for sicker patients.
As House Republicans frantically seek support for legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act, the biggest sticking point is whether the bill fulfills one of the GOP’s central pledges: preserving protections for people with pre-existing health problems.
Under current law, insurers cannot deny those or other sick people coverage or charge them more than healthy people.
“If you can charge sick people whatever you want, that’s effectively denying people coverage,” says Linda Blumberg, a senior fellow in the Health Policy Center at the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan health policy research group.

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Health Insurance Payment Glitch Overdrafts Bank Accounts

But while reviewing her bank account on Monday, she discovered the health insurance company had billed her 71 times, withdrawing $142,000.
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A spokeswoman says an unknown number of Florida Blue health insurance customers were charged multiple times for their May premiums.
The overdrafts caused some clients to have their bank accounts frozen.
The company pledged to refund the money and reimburse customers for bank fees.
Spokeswoman Christie Hyde DeNave said it’s not clear how many members were affected by the glitch.

Health Insurance Proposal
Lisman Buys Ads Promoting Scott’s Health Insurance Proposal

according to click to enlarge File: Paul HeintzBruce Lismanclick to enlarge Courtesy: Bruce LismanA print advertisement purchased by Bruce Lisman to support Gov.
Scott is engaged in an 11th hour struggle with Democratic lawmakers, who are resisting his plan to negotiate a statewide teacher health care plan.
But according to his former campaign manager, Shawn Shouldice, who is now acting as his lobbyist, Lisman has also bought radio and online ads.
In the radio segment, a woman states that “legislators have just one opportunity to save millions of taxpayer dollars every year.
The governor and Republican legislators claim the plan is the state’s best chance at saving $26 million.

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