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Alabama rot return for dogs without treatment

Be vigilant Anderson Moores vet Mr Walker said he did not want dog owners to panic, as Alabama rot is still a very rare disease, but he called on people to be aware.
Image copyright Getty Images Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) or Alabama rot is a serious disease which has only recently been recognised in dogs in the UK.
Specialists are meeting in Reading for the UK’s first conference focused on Alabama rot, as vets, nurses and academics continue to search for the answer to the disease.
Jessica took Pippa and her other dog Molly to woods near the village of Marlborough in December 2015 and let the dogs play, as she had done plenty of other times.
But little did her owner know that just six days later, she would pass away in a London animal hospital having contracted Alabama rot.


Alabama rot
the Alabama rot disease as a rare diseas


referring to The vets4pets website says there has been a confirmed case of Alabama Rot in Cornwall in the past.
We do not know for certain if there is an environmental trigger for CRGV (Alabama Rot).”
The cause of Alabama Rot is unknown but it has killed more than 100 dogs in four years.
Jasmine Smith, from Gloucester, is watching her two-year-old pooch Boe fighting for her life after developing acute kidney failure, according to Gloucester Live.
Her Facebook post, which has been shared nearly 1,500 times, says: “My dog is currently being treated for Alabama rot which has caused acute kidney failure and is very poorly.”

The vets warn the dog owners of the Alabama rot disease as a rare disease

referring to One of Essex’s leading veterinary practices is warning dog owners to be vigilant about your pet’s safety after a number of deaths were caused across the United Kingdom by skin disease Alabama Rot.
He said: “The fatal cases of Alabama Rot this year are concerning and I would advise owners to be aware.
Anyone with concerns about Alabama Rot can take their dog to Cherrydown’s Basildon practice, which is open between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday.
“Early symptoms include sore and skin lesions, typically below the knee or elbow, which are not wounds from an injury.
Cherrydown Vets, who are based in Basildon but also have surgeries in both Wickford and Stanford Le Hope, issued the vital warning during the UK’s first conference focused on the disease in Reading this week.

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