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The close link between childhood obesity and working parents

Estimates that 10% of the rise in childhood obesity is due to the rise in working mothers may even be too conservative, it found.
The study, “Parental Work Hours and Childhood Obesity: Evidence Using Instrumental Variables Related to Sibling School Eligibility,” focused on the rise in recent years of maternal labor, but noted that there was “no evidence” that the effects of maternal and paternal work are significantly different.
See: These jobs offer the best work/life balanceGoing to work may be a more attractive option for some parents and their children.
Parents also make good employees, because they’re productive, have strong multi-tasking abilities and are empathetic.
Possible reasons include the changes in family routine, diet, and time spent by the parent working.

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Freezing Michelle Obama’s project to fight childhood obesity according to Trump official

Michelle Obama’s project to fight childhood obesity
Freezing Michelle Obama’s project to fight childhood obesity according to Trump official

But such rollbacks have been rejected by public health and nutrition advocates, who say the stricter nutrition rules are critical tools in the fight against obesity.
Update: This story originally said the sodium limits for school lunch were 1,230 grams of sodium.
“We’re giving school food professionals the flexibility they need.”[He grew up hungry.
Both issues were cornerstones of the association’s 2017 policy report, which more than 500 school lunch workers brought to congressional offices during Capitol Hill visits in early April.
Currently, elementary school lunches may include up to 1,230 milligrams of sodium.

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Decision by the Donald Trump administration relax the school meal rules to fight childhood obesity

Donald Trump’s administration is set to relax rules on the nutritional standards of school meals, dismantling legislation Michelle Obama fought hard to introduce during her time as First Lady.
The National School Lunch Programme, which provided nutritionally balanced meals to children for free or for a reduced price, was set up under the Obama administration to help tackle childhood obesity.
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue was expected to announce a new rule allowing more “regulatory flexibility” in the school lunch programme on Monday at Catoctin Elementary School in Virginia.
It also prevented schools from selling snacks high in salt, sugar and fat in cafeterias and vending machines.
He was scheduled to eat lunch with students there, along with Senator Pat Roberts, chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

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