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A study linking diabetes and outdoor temperature

Researchers looked at the relationship between the average 30-day air temperature prior to the time of gestational diabetes screening in the second trimester, and the likelihood of gestational diabetes diagnosis.
Gestational diabetes is new onset diabetes in the second trimester of pregnancy and is usually temporary, but the risk factors for gestational diabetes and adult onset type 2 diabetes are virtually the same.
The study also found that for every 10-degree Celsius rise in temperature, women were six to nine per cent more likely to develop gestational diabetes.
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Air temperature effect on gestational diabetes

Extremely cold outdoor temperatures were defined as an average of 10°C or less, and hot temperatures as 24°C on average.
Gestational diabetes (GD) is a temporary form of diabetes that affects some women during pregnancy.
New research suggests that hotter outdoor air temperatures may significantly increase a mother’s risk of GD during her pregnancy.
Gestational diabetes is a birth complication affecting millions of women worldwide.
After adjusting for influential risk factors, each 10°C increase in […] temperature was associated with a 6-9 percent relative increase in the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus.”

gestational diabetes
Air temperature effect on gestational diabetes

referring to A very large Canadian study has linked gestational diabetes to outdoor temperatures.
One unexpected effect of climate change could be an increased incidence in women who develop diabetes during pregnancy.
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And a group of Australian researchers argue that to get value for money in health care–you’ve got to understand the deep-seated biases that doctors have when they diagnose and treat their patients.

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