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How is open heart surgery done

Open heart surgery can be defined as a type of surgical operation in which the chest is opened. And perform the operation of the heart muscle, its valves, and arteries.

According to experts, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting- CABG is the most open heart surgery performed for adults. During this process, the artery or vein is delivered with the closed coronary artery. The artery that is delivered to the coronary artery can thus bypass the closed artery. And the delivery of new blood to the heart. The open heart process is called the traditional heart process. Many of these operations are done with a small incision in the chest these days

open heart surgery
How is open heart surgery done

Causes of open heart surgery

One of the reasons for open heart surgery, including CABG, is the presence of coronary heart disease (CHD). These diseases occur when blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart harden and harden, or known as atherosclerosis, occur when the fatty substances accumulate On the wall of the arteries, and thus cause them to narrow, making it difficult for the blood to cross these arteries, and when this occurs the heart attack Heart Attack, and the following are some of the other reasons that require open heart surgery:

open heart surgery

  • Repair, or switch heart valves allowing blood to move through the heart.
  • Repair damaged or abnormal parts of the heart.
  • Put medical devices to help the heart to organize its strikes.
  • Heart transplantation to replace damaged heart.

Mechanism of open heart surgery

The CABG open heart surgery takes approximately four to six hours, and the procedure is as follows:

open heart surgery

  • The patient is generally anesthetized to ensure that the patient remains asleep during the operation, so as not to feel pain.
  • The surgeon makes an eight to 10 inch incision in the chest.
  • The surgeon opens all the chest bones to reveal the heart.
  • Once the heart shows up, the patient is delivered to the Heart-Lung Bypass Machine. This machine moves the blood from the heart so that the surgeon can perform the operation and there are newer procedures that do not require the use of this machine.
  • The surgeon uses a healthy vein or a healthy vein to make a new road away from the closed artery.
  • The surgeon closes the chest bones with a wire, leaves the wire inside the body, and sews the main wound.

A sterile plate is sometimes used for patients whose lives are at risk as adults or patients who have undergone multiple heart surgery. Here, the chest bone is reached after the operation using a small plate of titanium.

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