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A fact about opioid addiction

Trump’s top health official got a basic fact about opioid addiction very, very wrong. The issue isn’t just that someone is using drugs, but that someone is using drugs in a way that endangers them. The report found that the low rate was largely explained by a shortage of treatment options, including medication-assisted treatment. Drug policy experts widely agree that more of this kind of action is needed — to unlock not just more medication-assisted treatment, but also more drug treatment and prevention in general. There’s also evidence that these and other government restrictions on medication-assisted treatment can literally get someone killed. “Folks need to be cured so they can be productive members of society and realize their dreams.”Price was referring to what’s known as medication-assisted treatment.

 opioid addiction
A fact about opioid addiction

as mentioned in In Pennsylvania, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and local prosecutors should continue to pursue drug distribution operations but focus on rehabilitation for low-level offenders. Rather than approaching it as purely a law enforcement matter, federal, state and local governments gradually have come to view it as a public health crisis. Article Tools Font size – + Share ThisBecause the national opioid addiction crisis cuts across the socioeconomic spectrum, it has forced a new government approach. Now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reversed that policy, instructing federal prosecutors to bring the highest possible charges in even low-level cases. State and local officials, the law enforcement and medical communities, should support that policy.

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Newborn babies caught in tentacles of Ontario’s opioid addiction crisis

Baby Sam is one of an increasing number of babies in Canada born with an opioid addiction. HAMILTON—In a darkened, quiet room off the third-floor neonatal intensive care unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Christie cradles her baby Sam. With the right care, many babies born in opioid withdrawal go on to have perfectly healthy childhoods and perfectly normal lives. In the face of this epidemic, the Spectator explored the local programs that support moms with addictions and babies with NAS. According to a 2014 audit by St. Joseph’s Hospital, Seigel says close to 60 per cent of their NAS babies went home with their mother upon discharge.

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