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The risk of heart attacks increases with the high incidence of chest infections

A new study has found you are 17 times more likely to have a heart attack if you’ve recently had a respiratory infection.
Have you had a chest infection recently?
The study, published in the Internal Medicine Journal, says the absolute risk of a heart attack after contracting a chest infection is low, but warns people should take all preventative measures available to avoid getting sick. Researchers from Sydney University say the increased risk is there for up to a month after the infection has subsided and that people should be aware of the potential danger. “This is the first study to report an association between respiratory infections such as pneumonia, influenza and bronchitis and increased risk of heart attack in patients confirmed by coronary angiography (a special x-ray to detect heart artery blockages).”With winter just around the corner, colds and chest infections are on the rise.

chest infections
The risk of heart attacks increases with increased chest infections

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Respiratory infections raise heart attack risk by 17 times

“Our findings confirm what has been suggested in prior studies that a respiratory infection can act as a trigger for a heart attack,” said senior author Professor Geoffrey Tofler, cardiologist from University of Sydney, Royal North Shore Hospital and Heart Research Australia.

“The data showed that the increased risk of a heart attack isn’t necessarily just at the beginning of respiratory symptoms, it peaks in the first 7 days and gradually reduces but remains elevated for one month.” The study was an investigation of 578 consecutive patients with heart attack due to a coronary artery blockage, who provided information on recent and usual occurrence of symptoms of respiratory infection.

Seventeen per cent of patients reported symptoms of respiratory infection within 7 days of the heart attack, and 21 per cent within 31 days.

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