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The wife left her husband after a cancer diagnosis

“But when I was diagnosed as terminal I thought ‘I’ve got two-and-a-half years left and I don’t want to be in this house.
The 58-year-old, from North London, whose bone cancer progressed to stage four last year, wanted to leave her husband of 28 years.
Annabel had beaten breast cancer in 2010 but two years later, in January 2012, was left devastated when her parents died in a crash.
“My daughter says I’m her role model, I’ve learned to be more selfish – but I also help others with cancer.
“I made a bucket list and the first thing was to leave my husband.

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Woman leaves husband after terminal cancer diagnosis

After a biopsy, Annabel was told she had cancer in her hip.
Annabel said she spends much of her time in hospital counselling fellow cancer patients, comforting them and assuring them.
Annabel, now 56, began to think about how she wanted to live the time she had left.
“The breast cancer had metastasised into my bones,” she told the Mirror.
It was 2010 and the married mother-of-two from North London successfully beat breast cancer.

cancer diagnosis
The wife left her husband after a cancer diagnosis

according to Women across Florida have accused a man of faking stage four liver cancer and manipulating them into relationships for food, money and a place to stay.
Ken Boyer married Michelle Kimbrel and is now accused of conning multiple women while saying he had stage 4 cancer.
“Someone going through liver cancer stage four can’t do that.”Woman arrested for faking cancer, collecting $38,000 in donationsBoyer’s women said they met him on SingleParentMeet.com and that he regularly discussed his cancer with them.
A terminally ill man married his long-lost love on Monday after proposing to her within hours of their reunion.
Cheryl Alvarez, among the women Boyer claimed to love, said she became suspicious of his cancer diagnosis when they took a motorcycle trip from Miami to Key West.

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