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Obesity linked to 5,000 cases of bowel cancer

Cancer Research UK said there were about 3,800 cases of bowel cancer diagnosed in Scotland each year, and approximately 1,600 people died from the disease annually. It said that obesity was linked to 13 types of cancer, and that… Cancer Research UK said that the findings were a “huge worry” and it called for action to promote healthier lifestyles, along with restrictions on offers for unhealthy foods. Food Standards Scotland, the advisory body on nutrition, said that the Scottish government should reconsider taxing sugar and cutting back on supermarket promotions of unhealthy food and drink. Cancer Research UK says that obesity has been linked to 13 types of cancer, and that resistance to the effects of insulin, a hormone important in the breakdown of food, is one likely explanation Jeff J Mitchell/Getty ImagesCancer experts are urging a cut in the sugar intake of Scots after research found that almost 5,000 bowel cancer cases over the past decade have been caused by obesity.

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Higher mass transit use linked with lower obesity rates

Higher mass transit use linked with lower obesity rates

May 16 (UPI) — Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed a link between higher mass transit use and lower obesity rates in the United States.
The study of county health and transportation data revealed that for each 1 percent increase in a county’s population using public transportation, obesity rates dropped by 0.2 percent.
“Our research suggests that, in addition to benefits to the environment and greater access to transportation for residents, community-level investments into public transit systems may also benefit public health by reducing obesity rates.”
“The choice to ride public transit instead of driving can create an opportunity for physical activity,” said Sheldon H. Jacobson, professor of computer science at the University of Illinois.
Then, once they get off of the bus, they may still need to walk from a bus stop to their destination.

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Lower socioeconomic status is linked to obesity through distress and emotional eating

As predicted, the data (adjusted for age and sex) indicated a significant indirect effect of socioeconomic status on BMI via psychological distress and increased emotional eating; specifically, lower socioeconomic status was associated with higher distress, higher distress was associated with higher emotional eating, and higher emotional eating was associated with higher BMI.
An increase by 1 scale point on the emotional eating scale (scale 1-5) was associated with an increase in BMI of 1.9 kg/m2.
Psychological distress, emotional eating, and resilience were assessed using the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale, the Dutch Eating Behaviour Questionnaire, and the Brief Resilience Scale, respectively.
According to a recent theoretical model, socioeconomic disadvantage increases psychological distress which, in turn, promotes maladaptive coping behaviours, such as emotional eating, and ultimately obesity.
Lower socioeconomic status is robustly associated with obesity; however, the underpinning psychological mechanisms remain unclear.

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