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Health insurance rate increases for 2018 submitted to regulators

In the newly filed 2018 rate requests, companies offering so-called “small-group” policies are seeking rate hikes from 2 percent to 8.5 percent. The companies had until Tuesday to submit their 2018 rate requests with the Oregon Insurance Commission. Eight insurance companies are seeking increases ranging from 6.9 percent to 21.8 percent over 2017. State regulators will consider the rate requests and negotiate final numbers by July. Atrios Health Plan submitted the biggest rate increase proposal at 21.8 percent over last year.

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Health insurance gains stalled last year, study finds

Republicans also would repeal the requirement that most Americans carry health insurance or risk fines.
“It looks like we are kind of sticking a landing and holding on to the gains,” said Katherine Hempstead, who directs research on health insurance at the nonpartisan Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
The legislation would lead to an estimated increase of 24 million uninsured people within 10 years, according to congressional analysts.
During the campaign and since then, the president has made some expansive promises about health insurance, talking of coverage for everybody and much more affordable premiums and deductibles.
Premiums for private insurance were about to jump, and 19 states continued to refuse the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.
Health insurance premiums will keep going up, under either ACA or AHCA

as declared in There is, in fact, a line in the Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act that, at first glance, might suggest premiums will decline by 10 percent.
The AHCA, as passed in the House, would give states the option to alter the health plans even more, but CBO has not scored that yet.
It’s also important to remember that the health-care plans in the ACA and the AHCA are not necessarily comparable.
But, as we have frequently explained, the reference in the report is compared to current law — the Affordable Care Act.
(KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)“If we do nothing, premiums will go far, far, far higher than they would otherwise go up.
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