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Science says: Medications prevent opioid addiction relapse

Everyone must own the problem of opioid addiction if we are going to turn the crisis around. I’m sure our doctors, pharmacists and even the drug manufacturers began with good intentions, believing these drugs could be prescribed safely. In Hennepin County, and across the nation as a whole, the rate of opioid-related deaths is roughly three times the murder rate. In 2016 we had 153 deaths just in Hennepin County, up 39 percent from 2015.
In Hennepin County we have seen a correlation between the shocking 25 percent rise in child abuse and neglect cases in 2016 and opioid-addicted parents.

No free passes: Everyone must own the problem of opioid addiction if we're to turn this crisis around

as mentioned in ==Wednesday morning on Daybreak, Dr. Sandy Dettman will take your questions on opioid addiction.
She now works at a private drug treatment center and attends Grand Rapids Community College.
“Both my parents were addicts,” she told an audience at a recent meeting of a Grand Rapids group called Clean and Sober Support, or CASS.
Families Against Narcotics opened a Grand Rapids chapter in October 2016.
Galbraith, now 31, sober and living in Grand Rapids, shared the videos with Target 8 to help shed light on the opioid epidemic that’s stalking West Michigan.

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