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Galveston beach waters contain high levels of fecal bacteria

High levels of fecal bacteria reported in water off Galveston beach. Bacteria levels are tested each week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and bacteria levels fluctuate, officials said.
A handful of test samples obtained from the water off of Galveston Island reveal high levels of fecal bacteria.
Galveston County Health Department officials say this is not unusual.
County health officials say the bacteria is the same bacteria present in the “guts of mammals” and does not necessarily mean there are feces in the water.
They say there is no single location where bacteria levels are consistently high.

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Reports find high levels of fecal bacteria along

A number of locations continue to test high for fecal bacteria along the Corpus Christi bayfront, according to reports from Texas Beach Watch.
Sites along the Corpus Christi bayfront continue to test high for fecal bacteria.
Experts advise that high levels of fecal bacteria can cause illness, particularly for those with weakened immune systems or other risk factors such as age.
Along the Corpus Christi bayfront, recent reports show three locations under “high” advisory, showing bacterial levels greater than 104cfu/100ml (colony forming units per 100ml of water).
Texas General Land Office’s Beach Watch division tests coastal waters across the state for signs of enterococcus (fecal) bacteria.
High levels of fecal bacteria reported in Galveston bay area

referring to With the high levels of fecal bacteria, water contact is discouraged.
High levels of fecal bacteria shows up around beaches in Galveston and Corpus Christi, according to tests by the Texas Beach Watch, which monitors the water levels along the Texas coast.
(Texas Beach Watch)Go to the beach this Memorial Day weekend at your own peril.
Texas Beach Watch is expected to test the waters daily until the levels go down.
But you can still use a beach if it hasn’t been closed down by local authorities.
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