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Announcing the need for more volunteers to test a new vaccine against HIV

Sorting out HIV: Research collaboration devises a new method that could speed up vaccine development for HIV — ScienceDaily. More volunteers needed to test new HIV vaccine. This vaccine candidate indeed prompted the immune system to produce antibodies that neutralised the corresponding clade C HIV strain when tested in non-human primates.
Because this is the only antibody target on the surface of HIV, an effective HIV vaccine will have to trigger the body to produce antibodies to neutralise the virus by blocking these activities.
Solving the clade C structureHIV mutates rapidly, so there are countless strains of HIV circulating around the world.
“Clade C HIV strains are responsible for the majority of infections worldwide.”The scientists faced a big challenge: The clade C envelope glycoprotein is notoriously unstable and the molecules are prone to falling apart.
The researchers finally had a map of the clade C glycoprotein.

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More volunteers needed to test new HIV vaccine.

 HIV vaccine design
More volunteers needed to test new HIV vaccine.

Our method makes it possible to analyse and sort HIV viruses in quantities and at speeds that have not been possible before.
You take a sample of cells and add fluorescent antibodies that bind to the surface proteins you’re interested in.
Cells with proteins that are recognized by the antibodies will become fluorescent, while cells lacking such proteins will not.
This enables us to rapidly test millions of viral variants, which should significantly speed up the process of vaccine development.
Researchers at EMBL, ESPCI Paris, and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative have developed a new technique for rapidly sorting HIV viruses, which could lead to more rapid development of a vaccine for HIV, as they report in Cell Chemical Biology.

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Inovio’s HIV vaccine shows promise in early patient tests

The HIV study, funded by a National Institutes of Health grant, was presented at a meeting of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network this week in Washington.
1 thing this means: There will be more testing in people.”No drug company has an HIV vaccine on the market.
Inovio Pharmaceuticals is racing to develop a DNA-based vaccine that can treat or prevent the HIV virus.
“We’re optimistic we’ll see persistent immune responses, but that’s data we don’t have yet,” said Niranjan Sardesai, Inovio’s chief operating officer.
Inovio’s study is still ongoing to determine the long-term immune responses in volunteers one year after vaccination.

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