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Youngsters with diabetes more at risk of eye disease

Youngsters with diabetes more at risk of eye disease. Young adults with Type 2 diabetes may be at an increased risk of developing an eye disease, according to researchers.
Diabetic retinopathy — the most common form of eye disease — occurs when changes in blood glucose levels cause changes in retinal blood vessels.
The increased prevalence of diabetic retinopathy associated with early-onset diabetes was not simply a consequence of the longer duration of disease, the researchers said.
Targeting the pathways related to these biomarkers could be a future strategy for preventing the heightened risk of developing diabetic retinopathy in young patients.
(Source: ThinkStock Images) Type 2 diabetes in an individual leads to faster and greater vision problem.

Youngsters with diabetes more at risk of eye disease

As it stated in Research reported in the journal npj Parkinson’s Disease suggests that a certain strain of influenza virus predisposes mice to developing pathologies that mimic those seen in Parkinson’s disease.
npj Parkinson’s Disease.
About JeffersonJefferson, through its academic and clinical entities of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, including Abington Health and Aria Health, is reimagining health care for the greater Philadelphia region and southern New Jersey.
PHILADELPHIA — Most cases of Parkinson’s have no known cause, and researchers continue to debate and study possible factors that may contribute to the disease.
Inflammation in the brain that does not resolve appropriately, such as after traumatic injury to head, has also been linked to Parkinson’s.

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Heart attack symptoms – crease in earlobes could predict risk of disease

The diagonal earlobe crease (DELC) is the fold or crease in the skin of the earlobe.
Heart attack symptoms: Experts have revealed your earlobes could indicate heart disease riskThe condition can be a silent killer, however now experts have found an unusual way of finding if someone is at risk of the condition.
Experts from China have found the presence of diagonal earlobe creases could be linked to increase risk of coronary artery disease.
A study published in the BMJ followed more than 500 adult patients who have had a scan for suspected artery disease.
They found patients with diagonal earlobe creases – called DELCs – on both sides had significantly higher prevalence of coronary artery stenosis.

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