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Desserts cause high rates of childhood obesity

Food deserts in Houston lead to high childhood obesity rates. Harris County officials are also looking for ways address the childhood obesity in low-income communities.
About 16 percent of Greater Houston area residents do not have access to fruits and vegetables, according to the survey by the UTPH.
Legacy is a network of full-service clinics across the Greater Houston area.
The high obesity rate has led to a rise in children with adult diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and joint pains, said Ann Barnes, chief medical officer at Legacy Community Health.
Harris County is trying to solve childhood obesity by creating public-private partnerships like Healthy Living Matters that lobby for government support and purchasing green space for parks and trails that will allow for a encourage more active lifestyles.

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In San Diego, experts revealed a report on childhood obesity.

childhood obesity in San Diego

Experts release report on childhood obesity in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Experts are shining a spotlight on childhood obesity in San Diego County.
“Working together we put plans for healthy eating and active living for San Diego children, as well for families, in place,” said San Diego County Supervisor.
Local leaders, medical professionals and even a student spoke at a conference about the high incidence rate of childhood obesity in San Diego County.
Research shows family-based treatment has been considered the best model for the treatment of obese children.
The study showed wide disparities based on race and ethnicity and economic background; showing the obesity rate for Hispanic students was twice as high as the rate for non-Hispanic students.

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Study finds parent-based obesity treatment without their children could be used to tackle childhood obesity

But the questions is: do children need to come for childhood obesity treatment with parents for it to be effective?
Childhood obesity is connected with negative health outcomes and family-based obesity treatment provided to both children and parents is considered to be effective.
A new article published by JAMA Pediatrics examined whether parent-based treatment (PBT) without their children could be as effective as the family-based weight loss treatment (FBT) that is provided to parents and children.
Given the high rates of obesity in children, PBT is a model that could be used to provide treatment to a greater proportion of the population.”
Although the non-inclusion of a placebo control intervention was one of the limitations of the study, the articled concluded: “This study provides sound empirical evidence supporting a PBT model for the delivery of childhood obesity treatment.

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